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Author Guidelines

I. Paper structure. The paper should consist of the following blocks.

  1. The main block.

UDC: (editors responsibility)

First name, Last name

Paper title

[Absract] A few words on the paper topic.

Key words: 35 specific terms.

The general text of paper. The author is requested to provide the well-structured text (the simple version: "Introduction", "Material and methods", "Research", "Discussion", "Conclusions", "Acknowledgment" etc.)

Bibliography (references).


Date of sending (dd/mm/yy).

About author (name, degree, position, institution, office address, ORCID, e-mail).

  1. Additional block.

List of illustrations.

Text tables.


ІІ. The text.

  1. The text is required by Times New Roman, 14 size, 1,5 space.

All text materials should be saved in single file as *.doc (Microsoft Word 97-2003, not *.docx) or *.rtf.

  1. Text references are required as

(Johnes, Smith 2017, p. 1-5, fig. or pl./photo 1: 1, table 1);

(Carter et al. 2017, p. 1-5, fig. 1: 1, table 1) — more than three authors;

(ed. Forman 2017) — reference by the editors name.

to additional materials

(fig. 1: 1), (table 1: 1) etc. Stop mark is «:», do not use italics.

  1. Bibliography Format.

Sulimirski, T. 1970. The Sarmatians. London: Thames & Hudson.

Dietz, U. L. 2003. Horseback Riding: Man’s Access to Speed? In: Levine, M., Renfrew, C., Boyle, K. (eds.). Prehistoric Steppe Adaptation and the Horse. Cambridge, p. 189-199.

Simonenko, A. 2003. Glass and Faience Vessels from Sarmatian Graves of North Pontic Region. Journal of Glass Studies, 45, p. 41-58.


Please, do not use abbreviations!

More samples here:

  1. Summary. This block is required at least 1800 characters.

First Name, Last Name


Summary (min. 1800 characters).

Keywords: 3—5 special terms.

  1. About author.

Carpenter Paul, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Study, 1 Einstein Drive, Princeton, New Jersey 08540.

ORCID:, e-mail: ???????


III. Illustrations.

The illustrations are required to be saved as *.tif, minimum resolution is 300 dpi. All illustrations (drawings, pics, maps and schemes, diagrams, tables, plates etc.) should be marked as "fig." and numbered sequentially in the text. The name of illustration file should consist of author's name and sequential number: Carter_01.tif, Carter_02.tif etc. The captions are required to be provided in List of illustrations.