Copyright and Licensing

Right of authors.

The authors reserve their copyright, permitting the journal to publish the original scientific papers containing the results of practical and theoretical research, and not submitted to other issues. The material is distributed under the terms of license Creative Commons Attribution License International CC-BY , which allows the papers to be distributed by others, admitting the authorship and first publication in this journal.

Publishing the paper in the journal, Archaeology and Early History of Ukraine every author is requested to sign the Copyright Transfer Agreement. The original of the agreement or its electronic copy (scan or photo) should be provided.

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By this agreement the author confirms that the submitted material:

 - does not infringe the copyright of other persons or organizations;

 - has not been previously published and has not been prepared or submitted for publication in other issues.

Obligations of authors.

The authors are personally responsible for the text of manuscript according to the following principles.

  1. Providing the reliable research results. Deliberately false or false statements are inadmissible.
  2. The guarantee that the results of study presented in the manuscript are independent and original work. The inclusion of others' work and/or borrowing the statements of other authors should be accompanied by the bibliographic references. Excessive borrowing and plagiarism in any form (unformatted quotations, paraphrases, assignment of rights to the results of other people's research) are unethical and unacceptable.
  3. The author(s) carry the initial responsibility of the news and reliability of the results of scientific research.
  4. Presentation of original manuscripts only. The paper that has been submitted to another issue, as well as the paper published in another issue, will not be accepted in the journal. Disregard of this principle is considered as violation of the publication ethics. If any part of the manuscript has been published before, the authors should refer to that work and specify the essential difference of present one. Verbatim copying of own works and their rephrasing are unacceptable; they can only be used as a basis for new conclusions.
  5. Ensuring that the list of co-authors is correct. All persons who have made significant intellectual contribution to the creation of the paper should be included as co-authors. Other persons (or organizations) that have participated in some aspects of the work should be cited and thanked. The author should also ensure that all co-authors are familiar with the final version of the paper, approve it and agree to its submission. All co-authors are responsible for the content of the paper.