Aims and Scope

The international scientific journal "Archaeology and Early History of Ukraine" has the following aims:

- publication of the scientific peer-reviewed journal of international standards;

- creation the favorable conditions for the development of Ukrainian archaeological science and related sciences – anthropology, paleozoology, paleobotany, paleogeography, archeometry etc.;

- raising the level of the native and international science by publishing of scientific papers containing the results of research, involving new archaeological materials into the scientific circulation, content of scientific discussions, archival materials etc.;

- ensuring the communication and contacts with the international scientific community;

- providing the scientific community with a printing space for open scientific discussions and exchange of views on the actual problems of archaeology and the early history of Ukraine and neighboring territories;

- promotion of the scientific knowledge in the field of archaeology and early history;

- acquaintance of the international scientific community with the problems of archaeology and early history, with the material culture of the ancient population, with the scientific life of Ukraine;

- coverage of current events in the scientific life of Ukrainian archaeologists (the conferences, seminars, round tables, chronicle of expeditions, new museum acquisitions, the study of archives and stock collections etc.)

The journal publishes the results of research on archaeology and ancient history of Ukraine and neighboring regions. The issues of socio-economic development and cultural relations in the Stone and Copper-Bronze Ages, pages on the history of the Cimmerians, Scythians and Sarmatians, material and spiritual culture of the ancient Greeks in the Northern Pontic region, ethnogenesis and early history of the Slavs, the development of Greek and Roman cities and villages, the material culture of the Middle Ages and early modern times are covered. New archaeological materials, the researches on the history of archaeology and archival sources are published.