Keywords: Akkerman fortress, Orientalist’s study, international projects, interdisciplinary investigation, preservation of the sites of history and culture.


The article presents the role and activity of Dr. Yu. Boltryk in the researches of international projects which take place at the end of twentieth — at the beginning of twenty first century during the excavation of outstanding sites of Ottoman culture in the North Pontic region. It is especially important that the beginning of purposeful study of the Turkish cultural heritage in Ukraine was synchronous to creation of Ottoman archaeology as a special scientific direction. At the same time it was the period of formation of new vision on the historical process in Ukraine, as an independent state, freedom of minds and national development. The international projects enjoy the scholars of various countries: Great Britain, Canada, USA, Poland and Turkey. The works took place in outstanding site of medieval period — the Akkerman fortress. The main exploration were conducted in the Low yard where the bathhouse and barbican have been discovered. Complex of geophysical and other works on the base of methods of natural sciences escaped all yards of the fortress. Dr. Yu. Boltryk take one of the provision place in all kind of works with his ideas in methodic, theory and practice of archaeological exploration. During the last seasons of the fulfilment of projects the main attention of scholar was drown to the interdisciplinary works in the field of dendrochronology all together with professor T. Wazhny. Besides of it Dr. Yu. Boltryk took part in the excavation of the central part of historical city Ochakiv and the observation of remains of the fortress Kizikermen. His activity makes a significant contribution to the study of Ottoman period in the history of Ukraine and preservation of historical and archaeological sites.


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