• D. P. Kushtan Institute of Archaeology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • D. V. Kuzmich Institute of Archaeology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: Dnieper River (the Kaniv district), Early Iron Age, Scythians, settlement, potteries.


The paper introduces the archaeological materials discovered in 2018 on the territory of Studenets village of Kaniv district, Cherkasy region. Here, along Buchatska Street, the site of Scythian Age was stumbled upon while digging the water-pipe trench. The site included the accumulation of ceramic vessels, laying compactly on the same level. Some of them were turned upside down (fig. 4).

In total six vessels have been discovered (fig. 6). Three of them are kitchen pots ornamented with finger-prints on the edge and neck. Three other vessels are tableware with more thorough surface: two pots and a black-glazed conical bowl. The typological features of the ceramics allow to date the group to the late 5th—4th centuries BC.

The discovered object as well as the surface finds indicate the presence of the Early Iron Age settlement here. It occupied the middle part of the slope of watershed terrace facing to the Dnieper. On both sides the settlement is bounded by the upper spurs of the spring which, connecting with each other, form a stream flowing into the Kaniv reservoir after 2 km. The approximate area of the settlement is about 5 hectares (fig. 2). Most likely, it belongs to the economic district of the Scythian settlement «Viha» with an area of 27 hectares, located 3 km to the northeast, near the village of Buchak (fig. 1).

The materials, being introduced into the scientific circulation, will complement the map of the archeological sites of Trakhtemiriv peninsula, as well as enrich our knowledge of the material and spiritual culture of the ancient population lived here in the Early Iron Age


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