• S. A. Skory Institute of Archaeology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • A. P. Orlik
  • R. V. Zimovets Institute of Philosophy, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: Scythians, burial mound, woman burial places, south of Kirovograd-district.


The scythian kurgan is Investigational near the Bоgdanivka entered in the complement of burial mound group from 7 embankments. He had small sizes (a height a 0.25—0.30 m is from the level of old horizon) and, instead of the ground embankment, lithoidal armour as a oval (10.5 Ч 8.5 m). Kurgan contained two woman graves: basic — as an enough deep catacomb and inlet — as the ordinary ground pit. Both of burial place were very robbed yet in antiquity. The bones of young woman (22—25 years old) that was accompanied by some things burial place to the inventory are found in a central grave, in particular, by silver earrings, by the bronze arrow-heads, by the ferrous knife and by numerous bits and pieces of meat oblatory food (bones of cow and wild wild boar).

The lateral grave did not contain bones in general, only one bronze earring. Uncalculated inventory that was saved, type of building of burial place give an opportunity to date a burial mound the second half of IV century BC. Presence in a burial mound lithoidal to the armour, to our opinion, about appearance here of scythian population from more south regions of Steppe.


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