Keywords: scale-weights, Olbia, Northern Pontic region, weight system, metrology, coin, mine, drachma, obol, hemiobol, tetartemory, tritartemory.


The study of scale weights of the ancient centers of the Northern Pontic region is of greater importance both for the study of metrology, monetary and weight systems of this region, and for understanding the general picture of trade and economic processes in ancient times. This paper presents small-sized weights made of bronze coins that are kept in the Scientific Repository of the Institute of Archaeology of the NAS of Ukraine. All of them are the chance finds from the territory of ancient sites of the Northern Pontic region. These findings were donated by V. A. Anokhin along with other finds of lead weights and bronze ingots. The collection contains weights in the shape of sub-square and sub-rectangular tiles of lead and bronze, round lead weights, weights made of bronze coins which are the chance finds from the territory of Olbia and its settlements, and other sites. During the processing this collection a small group of weights made of coins was distinguished. Among seven published weights six ones are made of Olbia coins and one of Panticapaeum. Each scale weight was studied in detail, basing of which the weight of each item was correlated with the existing monetary systems. Thus, it was possible to determine the metrological standards to which each particular instance belongs. The study of these findings showed that weights made of Olbian bronze coins belong to the Olbian metrological system as well as, in particular, the control scale weight which corresponds to 30 Olbian tetartemories, and the item made of bronze Panticapaeum coin refers to the Panticapaeum monetary system.


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