Keywords: Chernihiv, «Tretyak», building, dwelling, cold sub-cell, ditch, dugout.


The archaeological research in 2018 on Yeletska St., in Chernihiv made possible to understand in detailes the dynamic of development of Chernihiv region as well as to trace back the step-by-step evolution of dwelling building in conjunction with the general city development.

The objects of research are vary: the dwellings, economical buildings and domestic pits, fences, defense towers, up to the burial places. Dwellings, particularly, are in focus. They are represented empirically by the two common types, that is, dugouts and above-ground houses with cellars. They are widespread diachronically — since 10th till the mid-13th centuries.

The most interesting dugouts are the ones with adobe stoves of 10th century. These dwellings used to be the urban part of Chernihiv. In buildings ditches personal artifacts accompanied by the whill-made ceramics were found. The group of above-ground buildings with cellars has been built using common technique of building for their time, however, with additional constructional features.

The most interesting buildings on the excavation were the buildings of the 10th century, as they belong to the beginning of the urban planning of the Tretyak of Chernihiv.

During the excavation of structures the fragments of circular utensils and household items were found that reveal the material culture of the population who lived in the area.

With its strategic location and protected by natural obstacles both from the east and from the west, the Tretyaka territory has been attracting people for many centuries.

To summarize, the continuation of research of Chernihiv’s «Tretyak» location provided the science with rather fruitful material depicting that mass settlement of this territory (as an urban one) has begun at the late 9th — the early 10th centuries, lasting up to Mongol invasion of Kyiv Rus.


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