Keywords: Chernihiv, burial, 10th century, photogrammetry, 3D-model.


In 2018 the expedition headed by O. P. Motsia explored the territory of Chernihiv suburb. The burial mounds and flat burial grounds appeared here periodically since the 10th century. The aggressive chemical composition of local soils has a very negative effect on the survival of metal artifacts and organic materials complicating their study and fixation. In such a situation it is appropriate to use the field digital capture the photogrammetric method that allows create a 3D-model of objects and artifacts with authentic size which will allow the metrological measurements later in the laboratory. One of these poor survived objects was made into virtual space for further elaboration.

In the grave 3 the remains of child skeleton have been discovered. Only some limb bones, the fragment of the jaw and traces of bone tissue in the soil were preserved. The grave 3 was digitally captured using a camera and a series of snapshots from different points, and then the 3D-model of the object was created. On the basis of markers and measuring battens the authentic dimensions and orientation in space was given the model which allowed further metrological measurements of bones and artifacts.

Particular attention is drawn to the wooden bucket in the lower left corner of the coffin. Rather, the prints and oxides of the metal parts of the bucket which completely have dissolved in the soil having left only the outline. Right away the performed photogrammetric fixation of the artifact under field conditions has been done. On the basis of the 3D-model the orthophotos with different projections have been created, which completely replace the graphic drawings and can be included to the scientific report. Using the specialized program it is possible to measure all elements of the object.

The newest methods allowed to measure the item and visualize the object for public access.


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