Keywords: Old Kyiv, Kopyrev kinec’, Old Rus settlement, industrial buildings, non-ferrous metals.


During the archaeological research of the Old Rus site on the Kudryavska st., 24A in Kyiv, in the historical area called «Kopyriv kinec», the remains of the manufactory building were discovered. The building has a frame-and-pillar structure, 4 Ч 4 m square, located in the eastern part of the excavation area. The stepped entrance adjoined the building from the southwest side. This building was cut in half by the modern building foundation. At its bottom, in addition to pits of different diameters, the small hearth was located. In the filling of the building a lot of various finds such as the fragments of various vessels, the objects from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, fragments of building materials, stone items, various slags, animal bones etc. were discovered. In the building filling the artifacts indicating its manufacture purpose have been discovered: the fragments of commercial copper — the raw materials for casting bronze products in the form of round rods with cross-sections with traces of chopping and riveting. Material for smelting followed by casting, like raw materials, used the colored scrap in the form of fragments of various copper or bronze products, melted and deformed under the influence of high temperature little bell, broken strips etc. Slag fragments, found in the building, clearly indicate the activity related to metal production and metal processing. Most likely, the main metallurgical workshop was placed nearby. Consequently, this manufactory building was probably the part of metallurgical complex. Obviously, it was engaged in the smelting of metal and the manufacture of non-ferrous metal items.


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