UKRAINIAN ARCHAEOLOGY: THE STATE AND PROSPECTS (The subjective impression about the objective state)

Keywords: Ukrainian archaeology, Academy of Science, University science, «black archaeology».


Ukraine is one of the richest on archaeological sights countries of Eastern Europe. However this riches strike a discordant note with the traditionally small amount of the Ukrainian archaeologists. The lack of «white» academic and university archaeologists is compensated in Ukraine by the increase of quantity of «black archaeologists» that engage in the plunder of archaeological inheritance of country. Strategy of fight against illegal trade of archaeological artefacts it follows fundamentally to reform in Ukraine, limiting to him the hard scopes of law. Above «black archaeologists» it follows to set hard control of public organs with bringing in of professional archaeologists.

A limit amount of specialists on archaeology and primitive history became one of reasons of wide distribution of amateur «conceptions» and wild fantasies about the ancient past of region. They inform a population untruthfully and discredit a country.

The Academy of Sciences played a positive role in development of science, however in our time she does not answer the standards of organization of modern world science and needs deep reformation. Academic organization of science in soviet times had not only the strong parties but also numerous defects. Among them hard administration of science, numerous bureaucracy, lag from front-rank schools of western science through the insufficient financing and protracted artificial isolation from western colleagues, absence of contacts with university young people. The last resulted in the catastrophic aging of academic scientific staff.

Ukrainian science and higher education already long time are in the state of deep crisis, to go out from that they can only by joint efforts, by deep reforms in direction of approaching to the world standards of organization of science and education.



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