Keywords: monastery, buildings, construction, object.


On the territory of Pidboreckyi monastery, the complex of unknown buildings opened. They allow reconstructing some parameters of monastery buildings and give possibility to image better the planning situation of the east side of monastery territory during all time of its existing. Information about that how the part of Ostriv Dubovets had been adapted for dwelling, economic and utilized constructions for monastery requires had got. One of the main results is that the build periods, facts of repair and replanning of monastery buildings found out. After 1660s, there were weighty construction and repair works in the monastery. The great garbage (object 2) that started used after 1600 conserved in the middle of XVII c. On this place, the new dwelling building with the large stove was build. It is possible and co-ordinate with archaeological materials that this building could existed until the end of the monastery history. Then the new economic buildings constructed near that one. The new garbage replaced on the east beyond the limits of this new building.

On the excavated area 2 no long-lasting dwelling or economic constructions were found. It may means that the monastery yard situated here. Objects 23, 30, 34, and 37 had materials identical to the complex from the garbage (object 2) in excavated area 1. However, they are much smaller, which indicate the necessary in meanwhile garbage pits. Charcoals, everyday tools, dismantled constructions of stoves were dropped here. The forming of these objects caused by repaired works after 1660s. In the second part of XVIII — first part of XIX centuries the territory of cemetery widen on this place. The 55 graves excavated here. The facts of reconstruction and repair of monastery economic buildings showed on the examples of objects 10 and 12.


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