Keywords: Sumy Regional Museum, new exhibits, items with Champleve enamels.


During 2018—2020 items with Champleve enamels were presented to Sumy Regional Museum by Sumy residents, S. I. Gutsan and R. A. Bobkov. They were shown at an exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Museum in September 2020. The collection consists of more than 70 items (tabl. 1). There are brooches (horseshoe-shaped, triangular, round), pendants (cruciform, lunnula), chains, bracelets, diadems, torques, appliquй, finger-rings, trapezoidal pendants, spurs etc. Because these finds were kept in private collections and were presented to the Museum by their owners, the items could be considered accidental finds except location of them was more or less accurate.

Preliminary analysis of things from the collection allowed us to determine the following. The area of finds includes different areas of Sumy region, but those found in Sumy’s suburbs significantly dominate, and by dating they mostly belong to the second stage of development of East European Champleve enamels, according to E. Gorokhovskyi — to the middle and second half of 3rd century. Metal and enamel of things were analyzed by the researchers of The Institute of Applied Physics of NASU using an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer.

Situation around archeological monuments requires a rapid reconstruction, adaptation of science to new unfavorable conditions. This publication is prompted by an attempt to obtain maximum information from sources whose reliability is questionable. Moreover, the things analyzed in this publication are of great importance for solving many important questions of archeology, in particular, for the reconstruction of the Slavonic peoples’s genesis.


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